Gladen Audio

Perfection comes from the symbiosis of passion and science - three accents that Dipl. Ing. Henning Gladen (†), founder and namesake of Gladen Europe GmbH, embodied like no other.

Every GLADEN speaker is also a result of its research in aerospace engineering, a technological tool far beyond electroacoustics. First and foremost, the Aerospace series: speakers that are only possible when the fundamentals of speaker development are expanded with aerodynamics, elastostatics, and a vision.

Specialists and manufacturers from the Swabian region are responsible for the elaborate, close-tolerance and long-term stable production of the exclusive GLADEN speaker series.
Even subwoofer enclosures and accessories are (once again) Made in Germany.

On these foundations, GLADEN AUDIO stands as a globally active company, firmly anchored in the car hi-fi and audio scene. Today, Henning is always present when Alexandra Gladen and her strong team continue his work - committed to his ideals, because "Gladen" is much more than a brand name on a speaker.

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