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STAMP - Made in Germany (Special Order Only)


Small speakers are definitely a current trend. They are seen on the desktop, in the second room stereo setup and in many installations where space is an issue. And they are getting better all the time. However, anyone who wants to build a stereo setup with these speakers is bewildered when they have to use a standard size power amp that hardly matches the neatness of the speakers.

The Lehmann Audio Stamp Power Amplifier is the perfect solution. This audiophile power amp enters the market to show that it is possible to save space and supply real high-end sound at the same time. Due to the size of the Stamp, it can be mounted space savingly beneath desktop tables, in or under cabinets or on walls by using the optional mounting kits.

The highly modern switching amplifier has been equipped with only the best parts available. Electrolytics and foil capacitors are of the high precision, low loss variety. Part manufacturers are Nippon Chemicon, BC Components and Epcos. The printed circuit board sports a double-sided 105µm copper plating. Internal audio cables are all solid core and are all directly soldered to the board and the connectors. The overdimensioned linear power supply with a huge magnetically and statically shielded toroidal transformer is included internally allowing a power cable of your choice to be directly connected to the unit.

Lehmann Audio is an award-winning manufacturer of high-end audio headphone amplifiers, turntable phonostages and power amplifiers founded in 1988 in Cologne, Germany. Lehmann Audio products boast an outstanding level of craftsmanship, tempered with the highest possible audio capability for their price-point, often exceeding the performance of similarly priced models from competitors, and even some products with much larger price-tags.



  • Frequency response 12 Hz – 20000 Hz +/- 1 dB at 4 ohms
  • Gain 20 dB
  • Max. Power  20 W per channel at 4 ohms
  • Outer dimensions W x D x H 110 mm x 280 mm x 44 mm
  • Weight 1.9 kg

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