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VCF TURNTABLE SUPPORT - Made in Germany (Special Order Only)


VCF Turntable Support   NEW

1 Set contains: 3 x VCF II Magnetic Component plus for the turntable ( diameter = 50mm, height = 19 mm)/ 1 x motor base for the external motor (diameter = 108mm/ height = 19 mm).

Maximum weight of the turntable: 50kg / 110lbs.

Experience the latest innovation of our VCF accessories.

Ultimate high end solution for turntables with or without external motor.

New, further improved VCF II Magnetic Component plus to support the turntable.

Motor base to compensate the height difference between motor and turntable and to reduce motor vibrations.

VCF (Vibration Control Feet) from AUDIO PHYSIC offer superior performance compared to spikes.

They reduce micro vibrations and lift your turntable into new acoustic dimensions.



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