Blue Aura 2 x 2 Mtr Premium Loudspeaker Cable

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Loudspeaker Cable - Designed & Engineered in the UK


Designed to offer a sound upgrade over less expensive loudspeaker connection cables, Blue Aura’s Premium loudspeaker cable is made with 79 strand oxygen-free copper wires. The annealed copper wires are formed in a flat figure of 8 configuration for optimal performance. Insulated in white PVC, 2 x 2-meter cables are supplied fully terminated at each end with gold plated 4mm banana plugs to ensure a low resistance connection. The spring type terminations will provide a secure connection with standard 4mm loudspeaker sockets.

The quality of loudspeaker cable does have an influence on the sound of an audio system, and investing in good loudspeaker cables will help deliver a more defined sound and sonically enhance the overall musical performance.

Length 2 x 2 Metre  Strands 79 x 0.15mm

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