German Maestro

Here at the GermanMAESTRO headquarters,

it is our aim to take in account all those small details every day anew. We take this challenge for our customers to provide products which honestly deserve the seal “Quality Product” and therefore represent a rewarding investment. We see ourselves as a combination of a manufacture and a production plant with the goal to transfer the highest quality possible into a series production. Of course such a structure cannot be developed overnight, but our factory here in Obrigheim, Germany continues a long tradition in loudspeaker manufacturing which dates back several decades and has started with the production of the brand MB-Quart. Since that time we produce high quality Car-HiFi components, Home speakers, Headphones & Headsets and Marine speakers at our factory.

To preserve our ideals, we created ourselves a guideline which represents the foundation of all our acting and therefore represents the foundation of our whole company as well.

HiFi HQ - Distributors of High Quality Audio Products