Obravo HAMT-3 MKII

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HAMT-3 MKII - Hand Made in Taiwan (Special Order Only)

The vintage collection for the pursuit of the reality of music



  • Back CavityAcacia Wood
  • Outer HousingAluminum Alloy
  • Ear PadAlcantara
  • HeadbandAlcantara
  • AMT Tweeter : 40 mm
  • Dynamic Driver : 50 mm
  • Frequency Response20Hz~45KHz
  • Impedance : 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity : 105dB


Message from oBravo’s Founder

My name is David, the founder of oBravo.

For me, music is something alive, a living organism with its own veins and heartbeats: it mobilises various aspects of sound, at times captivating, at times keeping people company when they laugh heartily, when they cry heartbrokenly, or keeping their unspoken secrets.

I especially like to let the melody of a song sink deep into my heart with all its highs and lows, at a silent night when you can actually hear a cat’s footsteps.

But at the same time, I was always wondering: why is there such a drastic difference of soundscape when we play the same CD with high-end speakers as opposed to with a pair of Earphone? Does it mean that such fine and clearly delineated music can only be achieved with high-end stereos? Are Earphones always doomed to be accessory?

And then I thought to myself: “If you cannot accept the situation, then try to change it.”


Listen & Feel

“After twelve years of research, oBravo has not only led the world in developing two of the most advanced technologies but has won the heart and the acknowledgement of experts from the USA, the UK, Germany and Japan.”

In the future, we will persevere, keep our faith in music, and continue to develop different aspects of technology as well as improve our craftsmanship, and in so doing bring oBravo to the world so that everyone, at the very moment when they put on a pair of our earphones, can marvel from the bottom of their hearts and whisper: “Oh, bravo!”

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