Lehmannaudio 3S Device Feet

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3S Device Feet - Made in Germany (Special Order Only)


For many years resonance absorbing feet using fabric technology have already been used by the higher priced Lehmannaudio products, in order to largely eliminate sound impairing micro resonances. Now the new 3S device feet offer resonance absorbtion to all your devices.

These absorption feet produce a clearly audible sound refinement of the music reproduction. Micro vibrations are effectively converted into heat by the central three-piece string suspension element combined with the additional absorption materials. The music can therefore develop freely for an even stronger feeling of intimate involvement. The 3S Device Feet create an experience of significantly improved dynamics and clarity, enhanced bass control and more realistic stage imaging, as well as an almost holographic ambience reproduction.

The 3S device feet are available in two different colors and four different versions for individual attachment to your device.



  • Considerably improved dynamics
  • Greater clarity of reproduction
  • Holographic room imaging
  • More realistic stage imaging
  • More palpable texture of the instruments
  • Enhanced bass control



  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Height: 3S Point 1: 12mm
  • 3S Point 2: 12mm
  • 3S Point 3.6: 32mm
  • 3S Point 3.8: 32mm
  • Weight:3S Point 1: 16g
  • 3S Point 2: 17g
  • 3S Point 3.6: 20g
  • 3S Point 3.8: 21g


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