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PG1 - Designed & Engineered in the UK


The Blackline PG1 is a precision, belt-drive turntable with advanced audio technology and contemporary features. Designed to cosmetically and sonically match the existing Blackline range of products, PG1 allows listeners to appreciate the sound of analogue audio. The inclusion of a switchable phono stage allows customers to connect directly to amplifiers or add a separate phono stage such as our PH1 which will offer a further sound upgrade.

The high-torque DC motor ensures a stable and consistent platter rotation and the plinth material has been designed to absorb unwanted resonances. PG1 also has Bluetooth connectivity allowing more flexibility with positioning and will connect easily with the Blackline v40 amplifier and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

PG1 uses Bluetooth 4.2 and is backwards compatible with later versions of Bluetooth. However, we cannot guarantee that all products will communicate successfully with PG1.

Suitable for first-time users or experienced audiophiles, our new PG1 will produce a pure analogue listening experience. Aesthetically and sonically matched to our range of amplifiers, PG1 can be easily added to any existing hi-fi system.

Connected to an amplifier by standard RCA cable, PG1 can also connect to devices by Bluetooth with our v40 amplifier as a perfect example – just pair the two devices together and listen wirelessly, with one less cable to hide.

The high-fidelity Audio Technica arm and cartridge reproduces the music the way the artists intended.

Nothing beats the sound of vinyl and now you can listen to music the way it was intended to be heard with our new PG1 turntable. The design brief was to develop a turntable that offers consumers a premium product at an affordable price whilst maintaining the Blue Aura brand philosophy of providing stylish and innovative sound solutions.

Premium components have been used in the development of PG1, the die-cast aluminium platter ensures an excellent signal to noise ratio and the solid MDF plinth combined with the isolation feet provides superior protection from unwanted resonances. For the arm and (diamond-tipped) stylus we have opted for Audio Technica, a proven and well-established manufacturer of arms and cartridges.

All in all, PG1 offers a pure analogue listening experience producing every detail with clarity and accuracy.



  • Switchable Phono/Line Out
  • Belt driven/Low noise
  • Aluminium Platter
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (v40 easy pairing)
  • Anti-Skate
  • Ground Connector
  • Nominal Speeds 33 1/3 & 45RPM
  • Speed Variance ±1.5%
  • Wow and Flutter ≤0.15%
  • Signal to Noise 55dB
  • Down force Range 3.0-6.0g
  • Effective Tonearm Length 8.6” (218.5mm)
  • Overhang 0.73in
  • Power Consumption 5W (Max.)
  • Outboard Power Supply 12V/ 500mA  AC-DC
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 360 x 125mm
  • Net weight 4.8kgs
  • Inputs RCA/Bluetooth 4.0
  • Cartridge Type Audio Technica AT3600L
  • Cartridge Input Moving Magnet
  • Arm Type Audio Technica

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