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VCF V MAGNETIC PLUS SPEAKER SET - Made in Germany (Special Order Only)


Set = 8 pcs / diameter = 65 mm / height until adapter = 26 mm including  Adapters for 24 mm/M8

NEW: “plus” generation with dual mesh elements for max. 35 kg per feet = 140 kg per speaker, also available with 3/8 Adapters

VCF V Magnetic plus Speaker Set – The ultimate high-end support solution for large speakers.

In the VCF Magnetic plus Speaker Set we have added two strong opposing magnets to the

latest generation of our VCF technology. This increases the maximum acceptable weight per foot and literally levitates the load over the floor. And since there is nearly no mechanical conncetion to the floor at all, there can be notransmission of vibration in either direction.

The current pinnacle of our VCF technology is the VCF V MAGNETIC plus. Its

maximum load is 35 kg per foot and its isolation of the speaker against vibration is outstanding.

That‘s why the VCF V Magnetic plus were the obvious choice

as standard feet for our flagship model CAREDEAS.


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