Quadral Speakers

With steadily increasing experience and growing expertise, we soon developed our own products, including our AQ series. But the big breakthrough came in 1981 with our legendary Titan series. Under the premise of developing a loudspeaker with a frequency response that is as linear as possible, we created the Titan 1, which for the first time was able to reproduce both the finest highs and the deepest bass at the highest sound level. Thanks to the powerful woofer, transmission line, and extremely elaborately produced ribbon tweeter, we were able to impressively present even pompous classic masterpieces down to the last detail. The legend was born. And more innovations followed. In 1998 we developed the new Quadral Altima membrane and set a new design trend in 2000 with our Chromium aluminum profile loudspeakers. Our wealth of experience, sovereign mastery of the physical laws, our patience and our differentiating sensitivity, which decides whether it is good or excellent, have made Quadral what it is. We are passionate about sound – and look forward to the next 50 years as ambassadors of exquisite sound culture!

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